Renaissance breathes new life into old pools with pool renovation

Renovate an aging pool at a fraction of the cost for new construction. We know the cost for construction of a brand new aquatic facility has greatly increased in recent years. Facility owners, managers and operators are balancing budget constraints while trying to keep their facilities up-to-date. The solution is renovating existing facilities rather than opting for lower quality new construction. We provide cost-effective, low maintenance solutions for these particular needs.

Pool Facility Evaluation & Renovation Consulting Services

An effective renovation program requires careful evaluation of the condition and performance of the existing pool structure, equipment and mechanical systems including filtration and recirculation.

Renaissance provides special services for renovation consulting including investigation, research and analysis for special requirements, value analysis, lifecycle cost analysis, and material and systems testing. These services in addition to our engineering support and technical assistance can make your pool like new once again.

Renaissance’s Ideal Products for Pool Renovation Include:

  • Pool Lining: PVC Membrane Systems
  • Pool Gutters: Perimeter Recirculation Systems
  • Pool Grating Systems
  • Sand Filter Systems
  • Pool Mechanical Systems
  • Deck Equipment such as ladders, starting platforms and diving stands
  • Accessory Equipment such as safety and competition equipment

Let Renaissance help make your pool like new once again.