Expert pool operation and maintenance

Let Renaissance assist with operating your pool

Comprehensive technical support gives swimming pool owners, operators, managers and plant room staff, the knowledge they need to enable them to operate their facility correctly, safely and economically.

Pool Construction Services Include

Facility evaluation

Water chemistry


Seasonal pool care


Operating and maintaining pool equipment

Renaissance Expertise in Pool Operation

Renaissance can help the operator who maintains the structure, the hardware and the water that makes the swimming pool and water feature work.


We provide information on technical issues, such as advanced water care, mechanical maintenance, automation and bather comfort and safety. Renaissance designs and specifies complete recirculation and filtration systems for commercial and public pools and produces schematic diagrams for all sizes of swimming pools and water features.

Renaissance also provides operations and maintenance manuals for our products to keep your equipment and systems performing as they should

  • Recirculation – (water clarity, flow rate, dirt load, gutters, circulation)
  • Filtration – (sand and hi-rate filters)
  • Facility Evaluation
  • Expert Witness and Litigation Support
  • Heating – (energy sources and the conservation of energy)
  • Facility Valuation
  • Water Chemistry – (sanitation, oxidation, chemical treatment, chemical types, ozone, alkalinity and pH stability, hardness)
  • Operating and Maintaining Pool Equipment – (filters, strainers, skimmers, weirs, feeders, heaters, lights, pumps, deck equipment, competitive equipment, safety equipment)
  • Automation and Control – (temperature, chemical control, lighting and electrical, filtration cycles)
  • General Pool Operation and Maintenance – (pool bottom and sides, decks, grounds, bathhouse)
  • Records, Data Collection and Schedules – (test sheets, chemical records, accident reports)
  • Problems and Solutions – (eye irritation, odors, coloration, staining, turbidity)
  • Seasonal Pool Care