Pool Filtration Systems

Make your water perfectly clean and clear with Renaissance swimming pool filtration systems.

Renaissance high-capacity, cost-effective commercial swimming pool filters are designed to meet the demands of any project, whether the pool contains 5000 gallons or 5 million. Our engineering and design resources combined with our cutting-edge manufacturing capabilities provide a custom-built filter to meet your exact project needs.

Filters are ideal for competition pools, training and lap pools, water features, recreational pools, spas and specialty pools.


Renaissance exclusive Hi-Rate filter system offers flexible, efficient filtration for compact spaces. Small enough to fit through conventional doors, this filter “cell” can be used on its own or can easily expand to multiple-cell tank configurations.

The revolutionary design freedom of this modular system allows stainless steel cells to be arranged vertically or horizontally, and field installation is a breeze with pre-engineered, easily-assembled face piping and component sections.